Routrill? Drouter?

New Multitool Teaser Video

The multitool allows for the filming of some rather fun shots. Yesterday I did the first real work with the Multitool and its hendheld router base, and got the idea for this 13-second video clip. I recorded a whole bunch of footage of me working with this thing in all its different configurations. I also got a hold of the missing pieces for the configuration as a woodturning lathe, although that one is still pending a test run.
Suffice to say, I’ll sit down soon to sort through all the footage and try compiling a full video of this thing in action. For now, enjoy the teaser:

The video descrition:

Is it a Routrill? Ist ir a Drouter? Well, actually it’s a METABO brand multitool from the 60ies. The drill comes with various attachments and a massive base that let’s you use it as a drillstand, table saw, disk sander, grinder, band saw, and many other things.
In this tools hayday, there was even a hedge-clipper attachment available!

This particular version of the drill has a second „head“ beneath a cover at the back end, with a 6mm collet chuck that sits directly on the motor spindle and rotates at 20.000 rpm. It allows attachment of either router bits or a flexible shaft with dremel-like attachments.

This thing actually makes for a surprisingly decent router, although the weight of this insanely chunky drill along with the cast iron router base makes it rather cumbersome to wield.

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