Multitool configured as a drill stand

METABO Multitool: Back in Working Condition

The 1963 multitool I wrote about some time ago is mostly back in working condition. I still have to take care of some of the (to me) less important attachments, but what will be this tools major use cas is now fully functional: Both the table saw and the drill stand are working perfectly. I made a short video clip demonstrating the process of converting one into the other:

In real time, the process took me about three minutes. It was the first time I did a full assembly of both configurations, so with a bit of practice it’ll be faster. Of course that’s nowhere close to the convenience of modern multi tools, but then again those usually don’t feature anything near as sturdy and as precise as this.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this purchase and think it’ll suit me well for the builds I have in mind for it. I am also happy to report that even after two months of working on this thing, the uniqueness and coolness factor haven’t worn off at all; It still feels very much like a throwback to 6-year-old me getting his first transformer.

Up next

As I said, I still need to take care of a few of the attachments that are less immediately useful to me. I’m also trying to source some parts that my set is missing – Like the tool rest for the lathe configuration, as well as a fretsaw-attachment. I don’t really plan on using the lathe all that much, but I’m dead set on trying it at least once.

I’ve got my first build planned out, which I’ll finally be able to tackle after I’ve written my last exam for this year. It will be a foot switch that’ll allow me to control this machine in all configurations without having to awkwardly reach for the handle of the drill – At least in the table saw configuration, this can be considered a safety feature as well.
If I manage to source the right electronics in time, I might incorporate a soft-starting circuit into the foot pedal, which should work fine. I am still researching of a practical way to add electrical speed control to the whole setup as well. Unfortunately this seems to be a project that is way more complex than I had anticipated, especially given the machine’s power consumption, which requires me to use components that can withstand a current of quite a few amps.

Anyway – I’ll try not to let that throw me off course by too much. Me designing a working speed control circuit from scratch might take forever, so in the mean time I’ll just build the MVP-version of that foot pedal and perhaps leave some space to add more electronics later.

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